Can you change the direction you’re going?

Renee Sullivan here...

I've had several conversations in the past few weeks about why some people overcome adversity, while others just surrender or give up.

And what it comes down to for the people who DO overcome adversity ... is a decision...

A decision to:
1. Be willing to change
2. Be willing to learn

I mention a bit about this in this FB Live I did with a friend of mine in the internet marketing space.

If you've been following me for a while, then you know that I've faced some challenges in my life ...

I was on the verge of ending my life 9 years ago, but something inside of me decided to take 100% responsibility for my thoughts & actions that led me to that very moment, and to DO SOMETHING about it to turn my life around.

The moment I made that decision: situations, events, resources, and people started coming into my life that were pivotal in my "transformation."

Ever since that moment, I have been working on my mindset, learning, growing, and developing myself to be the best version of myself that I can be!

What I can tell you is this... no matter what you're going through, I truly believe that you CAN change the direction you're going by making a DECISION to do so.

What has helped me stay in the game in the past year, when several situations pertaining to my business have come about, is consistently listening to these audios.

And what I mean by consistently is DAILY, and sometimes several times a day!

The first step is making the decision, the rest will begin to fall into place if you open your heart and mind to embrace the process it takes to get to where you are REALLY meant to go =)

I'm rooting for you. Are you rooting for yourself?

Renee 🙂

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