What I learned from making onion burgers

Renee Sullivan here...

So let me start from the beginning and say that I’ve never really had an interest in cooking. I do it because obviously myself and my family needs to eat some kind of foods with nutrients (and I say that lightly). LOL

So the first meal I attempted to create on my own for my husband when we first got married was hamburgers. But somehow I got this crazy idea that I shouldn’t just make a regular hamburger…

... I wanted to try something exciting and add some flavor. So I added some onion powder to the hamburger mix (well maybe too much onion powder). I also baked some frozen French fries.

Here’s how things went down…

I set the table, put our “onion burgers” and French fries on our plates and said, “Dinner’s ready.”

My husband (poor guy) was the first to take a bite of this concoction.

I watched him smile at me for he was trying to be nice… and then not eat any more. I then took a bite and immediately said, “Please don’t eat any more! These are horrible. I’m sorry!”

Then we both burst out laughing! My husband said, “I think I’ll cook from now on.” I was completely ok with that. LOL

From that moment, even though I was really trying to do a good job in cooking, I realized that it’s not my specialty...

… and the concept of having a dream and vision was born. I decided that a dream of mine is to hire a personal shopper and chef so that we can have healthy meals that I don’t have to cook. My sister-in-law actually stayed with us at our house for a few weeks and she was our short term personal shopper and chef. My family was very happy to have her with us to say the least because she's a very good cook! 🙂

That is still on my vision board.

Is there a significant experience in your life that sparked and idea or vision for something you want in life?

Do you ever go dream building?

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I believe in you. You can BE, DO or HAVE anything you want in life. You just have to get a burning desire to achieve it and have a plan.

Renee 🙂

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