Honoring One of the Greatest Men in My Life

I actually debated whether or not I wanted to write this very blog post.

But anyway, I decided to write it because I wanted to share with you the reason why you haven't heard much from me.

On Friday evening, a very special person in my life passed on to meet his creator in heaven.

I am speaking of my grandfather (my mom's dad) whom I loved dearly and admired. He was 96 years young and I say that purposely because he was still driving and living on his own until the day he died.

He was orphaned at the young age of 3, as his father died fighting in War War I and his young
mother could not take care of him, nor his 2 brothers and 1 sister.

Despite being brought up in challenging circumstances, he spoke fondly of his childhood
years and grew up to be a humble, respected man of remarkable faith in God and Christ.

He instilled that faith on to his family, while leaving a legacy for generations to follow and future generations to come.

A little background... When he turned 16, he started his first job in a factory, he married the love of his life at age 19, and was drafted into the army during WW II after 2 of his 5 daughters were born.

Once he returned home, he went back to work in an automotive and industrial plant, worked hard and became a foreman, and lived an honest and happy life raising his daughters, continuing to work, and always doing for others in his family and volunteering in the church and community he lived in.

At his funeral today, my brother who gave the eulogy so eloquently, honored him as a serviceman to his country and community, loving husband, father, grandfather and great-grandfather to an immediate family of 68 people. He was also honored as a veteran, and as a founding Knight of St. John, who had received some of the highest medals in his brotherhood as a Knight.

I mention this because my grandfather, given the circumstances he faced as a young boy, could have taken a completely different and dark path, but instead chose to live a life of faith, love, service to his family, country and community.

At his celebration of life ceremony, we all pledged to carry on his legacy in faith, service and love.

I am so fortunate to have had Angelo D. Simone as my grandfather for 48 years, and instead of saying that I will miss him, I will say that I will always cherish the memories I have of him and will see him again when it becomes my time to see my creator in heaven.

God Bless,

Renee πŸ™‚ 

10 thoughts on “Honoring One of the Greatest Men in My Life”

  1. Thank you for sharing this very beautiful and touching tribute to your dear grandfather..Renee! You are a following in that great legacy and I am honored
    to be in your circle. May God soothe the hearts of all his loved ones and may
    he rest in the garden of eternal peace. I am grateful for his service to our great country. Love and Light! <3

  2. Wonderful and endearing story. I love the kind of a man that he was. I can relate to that because we had a father of identical personality. He never complained, was always calm and always had kind words to say to you. I miss the nights I would sing while he played the guitar in the moonlight after a hard days work as a farmer. When we went abroad, he said, come home to visit when you have the money, but don’t come home when I pass away because I wont be here anymore. He was fair to all nine of us. We love him dearly.
    God bless,

    1. It sounds like your father and my grandfather would have got along very well. In fact, I bet they are friends in heaven πŸ™‚

  3. “Greatness comes little from our actions but so grandly by the lasting footprints we leave behind.” ~Randall Rupert

    I feel you Renee,
    I sympathize with you in your loss and mirror your expression of gratitude for the memories of a personal legacy, a vital guiding force that leads us on in our pursuit of excellence. Where would we be if not for the values we’ve learned from those who came before? And so now it is our time to pass these virtues on to those who come after. It is not so much for what we do for ourselves but what we do for others along the way, just as we have been shown the way, the truth and the light.

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